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Feel Good Beyond Words

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Awesome and Amazing!

Your thoughts matter to us at The Zen Den - where bliss meets enlightenment in Cary, Illinois and the surrounding Northwest suburbs. We’d love to share them with many others like you eager to find the path to health and wellness.

What our customers are saying

Patty is an amazing Reiki teacher.  She really goes above and beyond in her teachings and makes learning much easier.  She is supportive in the process and helps you go at your own pace.  Whether you are an experienced practitioner, or brand new to the practice, Patty will be a great guide on your Reiki journey.

Connor B.   Cary, IL

Dear Patty,

I am overjoyed of the outcome of the Shoden ~ Reiki Level 1 class.

Experiencing my "first teachings" with you was just a pleasure. You are an exceptional teacher and practitioner. Your passion for Reiki shines through! Through your guidance you have helped me reach a true understanding of energy and my spiritual connection to the universe. You have revealed the importance of daily meditation to bring balance and wellness back into my life. Even after just two days with you, I am calmer and yet energized. More importantly, I have become highly aware of my energy, and the energy that surrounds all of us.

You have helped me bring to light a true purpose in my life! My journey has just begun! I look forward to my continued path of learning with you!

Forever grateful!

Rose T., Cary, IL

I have known Patty for several years and she is a compassionate and dedicated Reiki teacher/practitioner. She is certified in several energetic and healing modalities and is a licensed reflexologist. I particularly enjoy her singing bowl meditations. I highly recommend calling her for an appointment and discussing which of her skills would be best suited for you.

Chris O.  RMT, Algonquin, IL

"I have been give the pleasure to experience the loving kindness of Patty. She is amazing. She contributed greatly to my journey. It was a pleasure learning from her. My light deeply honors her light. 'Till next meet. All love Patty"

• Pauline P. - Fox Lake, IL

What our customers are saying


First and foremost, I want to thank you for being a thoughtful and educational instructor. I wasn’t sure what ​to expect and you allayed any fears that I had. Your style was calm and reassuring. You made me feel comfortable to ask questions, no matter how silly they were, and explained the answers that didn’t belittle me.

Next, I want to express the profound changes in myself that I have experienced since going through and completing the training. I have noticed I’m much more calm and relaxed. I suffer from anxiety from time to time that causes a lot of sweating. I’m not as anxious or sweaty now. I also don’t speed like I used to. I don’t get super frustrated at cars that are in front of me doing the speed limit or going slower than me. I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement in my stamina with regard to vigorous exercise. What once would have me out of breath in mere seconds I can now do for minutes. I’m so thankful for that. I’m confident that the more I continue to practice self-healing that I will notice more positive improvements in myself.

I know that my journey has just begun. I’m glad I was able to start the journey with you. I look forward to our continued path of practicing, learning and evolving.

Kind regards,

• Christine Cwikla - Round Lake, IL

What our customers are saying

I highly recommend Patty's reiki class. Her loving commitment along with her incredible gift of teaching made me feel comfort, warmth and love in such a safe, open space. I am truly blessed to have had her guidance and genuine care to bring me further along my journey! Reiki hugs!

• Irene Salman - Wauconda, Illinois

What our customers are saying

I am truly amazed how the class turned out. I really could not feel any more satisfied. Patty, your wonderful. Hugs.

• John Boerschinger - Crystal Lake, Illinois

What our customers are saying

This was an awesome experience! I am forever grateful for the experience and my new friends. Thank you to this wonderful group for the past three days!

• Janie Murray - Ingleside, Illinois

What our customers are saying

Patty is a great teacher and practitioner. She has brought so many possibilities and opportunities to my life. Everything that I have learned from Patty has enriched my life and shown me that there is so much more in life to find. Her aura photography helps you to see what is happening in your life and how different moments changes your aura. As a teacher, she is exceptional in her method and all the information she provides to you. I recommend taking her Reiki classes. It will change your world.

• Pam Mach - Mchenry, Illinois

What our customers are saying

I originally went to Patty and my first Reiki session to help with the grief I felt after my Dad's passing. I have found that each Reiki session I have with Patty, I am learning more and more about myself, acceptance, letting go, and being grateful. I am thankful for Patty and all that she does.

• Sandra Noble - Elgin, Illinois

What our customers are saying

Patty is an amazing Reiki master. My first session with her was summer of 2012. It was during my last visit back home. After I returned back to Tucson, 1700 miles away from her, we continued sessions long distance (LDR) during one of the most stressful times of my life. Her Reiki mastery, guidance, and loving energy reached me across all that space, and I experienced healing energy around and within, in the most profound ways, each session building on the last. These sessions gave me a foundation of energy I never knew existed. If you are even slightly curious as to what Reiki can do for you, you would do well to call Patty.

• Michele Valentino - Phoenix, Arizona

What our customers are saying

 I had the pleasure of having my Master Holy Fire ignitions facilitated by Patty, which was a very enriching experience! Patty is a compassionate and dedicated teacher and healer. I am grateful to have met her! <3”

• Erin Ryan - Crystal Lake, Illinois

What our customers are saying

I love Patty! Her reiki is the most powerful Reiki I've ever received. I took Reiki level 1, 2, and 3 with Patty and loved every minute of the classes! She's very professional and organized in her teaching style.

• Nina Christine Parroto - Encinitas, California

What our customers are saying

This past weekend, I, (Kathleen Beening), was in an intensive Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher level class. It was not only very moving for me, but also very inspiring to be one of 3 participants in this class. Being within this small intimate group, I benefited so much by the synchronicity of what was shared by my two teachers: Patty Wisniewski and Christine Lassota as well as the two other participants: Janie Murray and Nina Parroto. I knew that I was right to follow my intuition!

• Kathleen Beening - Crystal Lake, Illinois

What our customers are saying

My very first Reiki session was with Patty. In that session. I discovered many things about my true path. So, bliss truly did meet enlightenment! I highly recommend a session as soon as possible!

• Angie ZX UH - Crystal Lake, Illinois

What our customers are saying

I love coming here! At first I used to come every single week! Recently I have been busy with work so I haven't had the time to go back for about a month or two now but when I went every week, I would see Patty and she is absolutely amazing!!! I've known Patty for almost a year now and she is wonderful! She is my Reiki practitioner❤️ She also teaches an amazing class that I took to become reiki certified myself but I still love coming to her for a session!

• Taylor Oliver - Crystal Lake, Illinois

What our customers are saying

I had the pleasure of receiving my Reiki II and III Holy Fire attunements from Patty, a wonderful experience! And I have shared many Reiki sessions which are enlightening in themselves. Patty has a true gift and a generous heart!

• Donna Ricordati - Crystal Lake, Illinois

What our customers are saying

Patty is a truly gifted and intuitive teacher and practitioner. I learned so much from her while taking Reiki Holy Fire ll and Holy Fire ART/Master level classes.

• Lyn Stevens Drathring - Crystal Lake, Illinois