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Aura Imaging

Discover, heal, and visualize health and energetic states through dynamic and interactive multimedia biofeedback aura imaging technology. The Aura Video Station’s simple hand biosensor allows you to measure electro-dermal activity and skin temperature.

The biofeedback data is then digitized, analyzed, and correlated to specific emotional energy states displayed via vibrant live and colorful aura images. You get a unique and personal representation of your bio-energetic state visually displaying the following:

• Emotional Energy

• Overall Wellness

• Personality Type

Contact us to choose from a variety of reports

What’s Your Base Aura Color?

Most people vibrate within a certain range representing a person's aura type or personality color. 

Understanding how each aura color personality type differs from the rest is essential to the evaluation process.

If you know your base aura color, you can get an in-depth look into your core beliefs and the following behavioral patterns:

• Emotional           • Mental           •Physical           •Spiritual

We offer aura imaging using the AVS software system. 

Choose from a variety of reports ranging in price from $20 to $80 depending on the report your desire. 

Aura Imaging Scheduling and Pricing

To schedule your aura image reading or schedule an aura image reading party, please contact us. There are a variety of reports ranging in price from $20 to $80 depending on the report you desire.

Aura readings, aura imaging and aura photos

See how your aura colors change before, during and after an energetic reading by Patty and Lisa DeMars of Dynamic Constellations and learn what it means for you!

What our customers are saying

Was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. So glad I had my aura read. Today I am off to the library to read up on chakras. Thanks for everything. You are a beautiful soul...

Kathy R. - Beloit, Wisconsin